Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finger Wharf

Finger Wharf at Woolloomoolloo, the largest timber-piled building in the world, was built in 1915. It has variously been a wool warehouse, a staging post for soldiers in transit to World Wars I and II, and an arrival point for new migrants to Australia. Incredibly, the wharf was slated for demolition in 1991, but this was halted after a public outcry and in 1999 it was converted to hold 8 restaurants, numerous private apartments (one of them occupied by Russell Crowe) and the BLUE Hotel. I was there for dinner at China Doll, one of the restaurants lining the west side of the wharf, with a prime view of the city. After dinner, which was excellent – modern Asian loaded with clean fresh flavours – I wandered into the cavernous centre of the wharf to find the Water Bar, which is part of the BLUE hotel. It's a challenge to create atmosphere in such a vast space catering for so many people (on a Friday night, all the restaurants were packed), but they've done their best with the creative use of lighting, lacy screens, vintage features, a massive bar, and neon-lit lifts. Shown below: the lobby at the BLUE hotel; vases from China Doll; views from the wharf; and the interior.

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  1. LottieP, I have only just realised you are now blogging from Sydney, look forward to looking through your photos properly, I love these orange cube seats - don't know the proper name, if there is one!

  2. Nice photos! To answer your question about what camera I use for my pics, it's a Nikon D5000.