Friday, November 26, 2010

Little Queen

Little Queen is a newly opened café at 30 Queen Street, Chippendale. Big windows open out onto the street, giving a deceptive sense of space. It's decorated with quirky details: a waving little queen in the window, a wall entirely covered in Weetbix cards, a union jack used as a cushion cover. The owner, Rob, serves up an interesting range of salads and tasty sandwiches on outstandingly good bread by Brasserie Bread: below, poached chicken breast with herb mayo, walnuts and baby spinach on schachaata; and tuna, lemon mayo, spanish onion, parsley, horseradish and rocket on wholemeal sourdough. There's a daily muffin special (today: carrot cake with white chocolate topping). Apparently the coffee is excellent. A nice little addition to the neighbourhood.

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  1. Hi lottie,
    Thanks for your review, just to let everyone know, it's actually on queen street, not little queen street! We're a little cafe on queen St!
    Good luck with your great blog

  2. Oops! Corrected this and added in the street number.