Saturday, April 2, 2011

Clipper Café

The Clipper Café is at 16 Glebe Point Road (in an increasingly popular strip that includes La Banette Pâtisserie). It has a faintly nautical feel to its decor and long shared tables inside. On a half-sunny Saturday morning, it was incredibly busy, but we were lucky enough to find a free table outside. Just inside, my eye was caught by someone else's plate: an indulgent-loooking concoction of pancake, ricotta, banana, strawberry and caramel which apparently tasted as good as it looks (below). I had perfectly cooked poached eggs on a bed of home-made baked beans with haloumi; D had baked eggs and lamb sausages with a spinach and tomato sauce. The coffee was excellent, the service snappy, and the sun shone: what could be better?

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  1. mmm the poached eggs looks delish all nestled with the beans

  2. This cafe was my introduction to the wonderful world of Sydney and its amazing coffee. Still my favourite coffee and pancakes in the city. And on a sunny Saturday, nothing much else beets the Clipper and its charms.

    I am enjoying your blog very much! i look forward to more of your posts.

    - the pancake girl

  3. Thanks for letting me photograph your pancake, Viki. If it had been me, I'm not sure I would have let anyone near it.

    Those poached eggs were even more delicious lifted out of their little bed and into my mouth, Chocolatesuze!

  4. Wow, that food looks absolutely gorgeous! :)