Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rozelle Markets

Rozelle Markets bills itself as "Sydney's favourite second hand market"; without wanting to sound disparaging, and perhaps I was there on an off day, it's neither as well-stocked and high-quality as Glebe Markets nor as interesting as Marrickville Markets. There was nothing I wanted to buy, but there was a quite astonishing assortment of items on display, much of which was probably never going to sell. The stallholders were nice, though, and if I'd been hungry I might have been tempted by har gow, my favourite dim sum, pictured below.


  1. Love the photo of an old wooden plane with an incongruous string of pearls! Real creative imagination, both to arrange it thus, and to spot it and take a photo!
    Marg x

  2. I frequently visit Rozelle markets, however perhaps I should check out Glebe sometime soon :)
    I wrote an article about the markets here: