Monday, August 18, 2014

Wild Timor Coffee

Wild Timor Coffee is very near the Post Office Hotel on Sydney Road and is a welcome addition to the area, judging by how busy it was on a cold Monday morning. It was established by four ex-soldiers who, while participating in a peace-keeping mission in East Timor, discovered that the coffee grown by the locals was being traded unfairly by middlemen who were taking a huge cut of the profits. Without having any cafe or coffee experience at all, they set up Wild Timor Coffee Co. to bring the coffee to Australia and ensure the farmers received a fair and equitable price for their product. The small-ish interior is nicely decorated with stripped-back brick and wooden shelves, giving it a cozy and welcoming feel, and staff are friendly. The coffee was excellent. I had muesli, which came in a jar with flavoursome thinly sliced strawberries, yogurt and an interestingly textured mix of seeds and grains drizzled with honey. D had the halloumi burger which packed a spicy punch and thankfully was not served in the ubiquitous soggy brioche roll; and our smallest diner had a tasty-looking cheese, ham and tomato toastie which he comprehensively deconstructed to extract the melted cheese and ham. To finish up, we eschewed the collection of excellent looking cakes for a delicious Portuguese egg tart each, which sadly did not last long enough at our table to be photographed, and came away with a bag of Wild Timor coffee beans to try at home. It's a delight to have cafes like this within walking distance and we will definitely be returning.

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