Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mortuary Station

Situated on Regent Street, Redfern, and designed by Colonial Architect James Barnet (a Scot), Mortuary Station opened in 1869 (subsequently, and more dramatically, it was known as the Necropolis Receiving Station, before being renamed, blandly, Regent Street Station; in its long life it's been a repository for not just coffins, but also dogs, horses and parcels, as well as being the unlikely venue, apparently, for a pancake house and numerous raves). Funeral trains departed the station bound for Rookwood Cemetery. Designed in the Gothic style, it's reminiscent of a church, and there are interesting little features: gargoyles, and cherubs, and on the front gateposts a reminder: alas, time flies.


  1. This is fabulous, I feel like I'm off on a vicarious outing every day.

  2. do you any idea who we would need to cotact to book a venue for mortuary station?