Friday, September 3, 2010

Strange Garage

Gregory Strange, Mechanic, 117 Cleveland Street, Chippendale. Gregory, pictured below, specialises in classic cars and his beautiful, if slightly run down, art deco garage houses an orginal Austin Healey Sprite (shipped from the UK in kit form and assembled "just up the road") and several MGs in various states of undress, as well as a large imposing grey Humber "Super Snipe".


  1. Art deco, classic cars - could it get any better?

  2. It's a funny little place, and is still a working garage - my photo of the exterior didn't really capture its charm, but I could definitely imagine myself there with a jaunty headscarf, bright lipstick and cardigan around my shoulders, Grease-style, behind the wheel of a little 1950s sports car...

  3. Or in overalls, land-girl style, under the bonnet. I hate most cars, and car-culture generally, but it's hard not to go weak-kneed in admiration at something so beautifully crafted.