Sunday, October 9, 2011

Almost French

Almost French (is that a good or a bad thing)? is at 138 Swan Street, Richmond. Owned by a Vietnamese baker, it's a treasure trove of excellent cakes; sitting at a table outside, on a semi-sunny day, we ordered creamy, delicately vanilla-flavoured mille feuilles, "delicious" lemon creme brulée and coffee, all of which vanished pretty quickly. I always ask before taking photographs and our friendly, efficient waitress said yes straight away; when I went inside, however, I got the most hostile reaction I've had since I started this blog: a girl behind the counter snapped at me "Why are you taking photographs?", before asking someone who was clearly her boss (and who graciously waved her assent) if she minded. One deeply unpleasant staff member aside, this is a lovely café and provided the coast is clear, I'll be back to try the cheesecake, which comes recommended.

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  1. I have tried many of the items on display, sweet and savoury and they are really good, however the service needs to be improved, simply being fast is not good service.