Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bar Mattino

Bar Mattino is situated on the corner of Abercrombie Street and Meagher Street (opposite Café Giulia). It's a small, neat, unassuming place with friendly service and excellent food: below, spaghettini with chilli chicken and olives, and pan-fried fish on a bed of lentils, roasted tomato and spinach, accompanied by (on the left) a fruit frappé and an apple and ginger juice postively bursting with ginger. Bar Mattino may be overshadowed by its trendy neighbour, but every time I've been there the food has been wonderful.

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  1. oh yum that spaghettini looks delish!

  2. It was! Just enough chilli to really make it zing, and the chicken was soft and juicy.

  3. The spaghettini with chilli chicken and olives looks gorgeous.

  4. Those red teapots have made my day.

  5. The food looks pretty yummy on your photos! Even my boyfriend got interested in what I am looking at -> your blog!

    Marusya V.
    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog! following you back;)

  6. Thanks Wendy! It was!

    I like a red teapot myself, greenwords.

    Glad you liked the photos, Marusya. I find it very satisfying to photograph food... and then eat it. My favourite so far (what pies! What cakes!) is Black Star Pastry.