Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market is at the end of Queen Street, Melbourne; it's a large undercover market full of a vast jumble of stuff for sale, and was apparently "once known as a thriving underground pirated goods centre". I managed not to find the fruit and vegetable market, which apparently is very good, and instead wandered in a somewhat bemused fashion around the stands piled high with a huge range of mainly touristy items, from kangaroo skins and Ugg boots to "hot corn" and lurid vodka shots. Wanting, for sheer novelty value, to photograph a pile of ugly slippers, I asked politely, but was knocked back by the stall-owner, who suggested that she wouldn't come around to my house taking pictures. I responded, reasonably I thought, that while that might be true, I wasn't offering my house for sale. This got me nowhere, and the slippers shall remain unpublicised.

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