Saturday, September 18, 2010

Eveleigh Farmers' Market

The Eveleigh Farmers' Market takes place every Saturday morning at the old Carriage Works (a amazing place in itself) at 243 Wilson Street, Darlington. Under the enormous canopy of a massive tin shed, what you could cynically describe as hobby farmers peddle their rather expensive olive oil, smoked trout, preserves, artisan pâtisserie, olive oils in myriad flavours, still-warm apple pies, rich, heavy sausages and handmade ravioli to browsing trendies in trilbies and sunglasses. I love it. A gentle golden retriever with only one good eye watched benignly over the doggie biscuit stand; a model with a sequinned gilet posed by the organic vegetables; the cupcake maker flatly refused to allow me to photograph his wares (worried about intellectual property theft, perhaps?); and the whole shebang shut down at 1pm sharp, or else - I just got in under the wire to buy delicate orange tulips and beautiful, tightly furled ranunculus in cream and deep red hues.

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