Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marrickville Market

Marrickville Market runs every Sunday from 8am to 3pm at Addison Road, Marrickville (right next to Reverse Garbage). On a sunny day like today, it's the perfect place to wander indolently amongst the eclectic mix of stalls. It's essential to start off with a huge, freshly cooked and juicy bacon, egg and mushroom roll from the bacon and egg man; but there's also a huge selection of other food options, from gozleme to tofu burgers, dim sum, Mexican wraps and char kway teow. There are also clothes, bric-a-brac and jewellery stalls (as well as a couple of stalls which I confess I didn't really understand) and, if the mood takes you, a place to get your hair cut (the Young Master below looks as though he'd rather be on the bouncy castle). While there, I ate the aforementioned "BEM" roll and drank a sugarcane and lime juice as well as a freshly made lemonade, and I came away with the following into the bargain: a packet of henna (dark red); a packet of saffron spaghetti and a sachet of roasted capsicum sauce; a bottle of hot chilli wine from Disaster Bay Chillies; a jar of "Lemon Stinger" chilli marmalade; and two muffins (spotted dick, with a rich, unexpected lode of vanilla custard right in the centre, and apple and cinnamon) from a stall which bakes them by steam – how moist, how delicious!


  1. you make everything look so delicious
    beautiful :-)

  2. Happy birthday; posted late to avoid the rush,

  3. What a wonderful blog!! Gorgeous photos, interesting places.

  4. Thank you, Kyle. Those steamed muffins were out of this world. Easy to photograph food that's so delicious.