Monday, January 10, 2011

Spilling the Beans

Spilling the Beans is at 215-217 Clarence Street in the CBD. As soon as you step inside you can tell by the enticing aromas that the food is good. There's an open kitchen at the back where they bake all of their bread, cakes and muffins; communal and individual dining tables; and comfortable leather chairs. I had a Moroccan shakshuka: it came in its own little pan, with moist fresh bread, and consisted of tasty eggs baked in spicy tomato sauce. My companion, Liz, had a delicious-looking halloumi salad. After eating at the communal table, we moved to the leather chairs to drink tea; about 20 minutes after I left, one of their lovely staff called me to say I'd left behind my lens-cap.

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  1. I had lunch here and yes the food is made in house but I don't know if its same day. You can tell when a sanwhich was from the day before! The staff are rude or maybe just unhappy! all looks great but prefer to sit with somebody I know instead having people sit on top of me with the small communal table

    1. I always eat at spilling the beans and have found the food to always be fresh and service is not only great but also quick.

      I know the food is fresh because i see it being made in the morning when I get my coffee .ng