Friday, November 5, 2010


I had a "blind friend date" with two people I'd never met before (friends of a mutual friend) at Zushi, at 239 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. It's a narrow little place which seems larger thanks to the judicious use of mirrors. The food is Japanese, classically presented, and very, very good. Below: teriyaki chicken; teriyaki salmon; tofu; and edamame. It was a pleasant evening, spoiled only by the torrential rain which greeted us on departure.

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  1. Right around the corner from my old flat and I only ever went here once. It's supposed to be one of the best Sushi (Zushi) in town.

  2. It was a bit of a cold evening so for some reason a large plate of cold fish didn't appeal (though it usually does, oh yes). Must go back and try the sashimi though, I'd heard it was excellent.

    I was a bit early so I scoped out the street; my eye was caught by an Argentinian place on the corner called Boca whihc looked good. Have you been there?

  3. Great photos!! Next time you or Leon can choose :) I like your blog, great idea!

  4. Hi LottieP. Boca opened up after I moved out of the neighbourhood...the shop was vacant for months and then boom! When I move out something cool moves in. Always the way.