Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cabramatta – Food

Thanh Bình is a Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant with a branch in Newtown and one in Cabramatta, at 52 John Street, where I had lunch with my friends A and X. X (her real initial) is part-Vietnamese and ordered for us: juicy prawn rice paper rolls, noodles with roast pork and spring rolls (liberally garnished with mint), tart, refreshing lime soda, and the most dazzling dish, fresh, raw beef salad with mint and lime dressing served in a cabbage-leaf bowl and looking like a weird, but tasty, flower. Further pictures from around the markets on John Street.

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  1. I was at Thanh Bình in Newtown last week - so yummy! You're lucky to have had someone with you who knows the food - helps with ordering. What was the raw beef salad like?

  2. It was excellent - hands down the best dish. The beef was extremely fresh - it has to be - and "cooked", almost ceviche style, by the dressing.

    The BBQ pork was tasty but not quite fresh enough, and X said they'd missed out some herbs - there was plenty of mint but not much coriander, which seemed like a serious omission, at least from the rice paper rolls.