Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hannah's Pies/Powerhouse Pt II

Just outside the Powerhouse Museum there's a pie shop called Hannah's Pies. It's part of the famous Harry's Cafe de Wheels group. For my money, the pie I ate (shown below) was good, but not excellent; too peppery, and the gravy not meaty enough. The hot dogs are apparently much better. Buy a pie, or a hot dog, and sit outside the Powerhouse to eat it, in order to fortify yourself for the hours of enjoyment ahead: the vast collection of ancient and beautiful instruments, shown in a narrow corridor along which, as I walked, the sound of my favourite Beethoven symphony drifted; a replica 1930s cinema, complete with ghostly patrons; and all manner of flying machines, trains, clocks, and cogs that turn at the press of a button.

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