Monday, October 11, 2010

Rocks Café

The Rocks Café is at 99 George Street, The Rocks. It's a nice mix of ancient and modern with its brown leather-upholstered booths and retro gold and green paintwork; there's a splendid collection of cakes, including an eye-catching, bountiful lemon meringue pie in the window, and a simple but tasty menu. C's black olive gnocchi looked like juicy pillows and the dish was "satisfying home food"; my steak sandwich was rare as requested, served on delicious toasted white bread that had just the right texture and mild taste, and slathered with tangy onion jam. The chips on the side were crunchy, salty and perfectly cooked. There was plenty of space upstairs at wooden tables in shadows and shade: this would be the place to sit and drink cups of tea, eat cakes and imagine it's the 1890s and you're illuminated by gaslight.

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  1. Nice photos. The lemon meringue pie made me grin as i was walking into the cafe as it's so ridiculous - it must surely be plastic to be so massive??

  2. I think it's real, but I bet it never gets cut into - it's there to attract the tourists...

  3. Either that is a fancy cafe or prices have really jumped since I was last in Sydney.

    At the risk of sounding very Scottish, $12 for a bowl of soup ?


  4. Bit of both really - it's the location, the prices are aimed at tourists, and no doubt their rent is horribly steep. "Fancy" is not necessarily apposite, but it was pretty good food.

  5. the cakes look fancy