Saturday, October 9, 2010

Café Ella

Café Ella, at 274 Abercrombie Street, Darlington, is a bright, friendly place playing funky music and serving huge portions: a "big brekkie" with huge juicy chorizo sausages, perfectly poached eggs, good quality bacon and plump mushrooms and a "double bacon roll" with bacon, soft fried egg and loads of ketchup in a substantial white roll, both served with a proper, substantial salad (and shown below). Upstairs there's a quieter area, decorated and furnished as comfortably as your own livingroom, with inviting-looking armchairs, a couple of massive wooden tables and room to play boardgames.

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  1. My favourite flowers in picture 5.

    Did you say something about taking us here when we come to Sydney?!

  2. Yes indeed - the boys can sit quietly playing boardgames upstairs while we adults tuck into breakfast... er....

  3. I really liked your post - it inspired me to go to Ella's for lunch today. You're photos are 1000 times better than mine though...

  4. Thanks very much - looking forward to reading your post about it.