Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cheeky Transport

Cheeky Transport is at 3a Georgina Street, Newtown. It's an exciting bikeshop with some beautiful custom made bikes by Bobo Bicycles (including the one below with handlebars like deers' antlers), hence the large impressive steel machinery (it's a "tube bender") at the back of the shop. Michael (seen below modelling a cool green cyclist-friendly t-shirt) put the rack for my new panniers onto the back of my bike and pumped up my tires for me (informing me without a hint of weariness that bike tyres lose air over time); Nick dashed over with good grace to prevent me knocking over a complex stack of bicycles. My favourite bike, an elegant vision in cream called "Electra", is also shown below.


  1. Please can I have one of those t-shirts?! Thank you for doing a bicycle-related post. This is one place we must go when we come to Sydney.

  2. PS I love the pink and green thing going on up there.

  3. My favourite bicycle (shown above) is an Electra Ticino 18D in crème fraiche - a most beautiful bicycle.