Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Modern2Vintage is on the corner of Abercrombie Street and O'Connor Street, facing the gaping hole in the ground that is the nascent Central Park project, with the desultory preserved facade of the old Carlton United brewery, soon to be dwarfed by shiny modern buildings (meaningless slogan: "Live in a broadway"; it's on Broadway, get it?). There's an enormous roll up door, as if for a garage, and behind it is a surprisingly generous space containing a treasure trove of interesting chairs, glassware, vintage lamps, and telephones, and full of quirky details: a tooth stool, vintage Danish lettered canisters, a Poulson lampshade, an ancient fruit machine and an enormous marble hand, all collected from across Australia by Lucas, who is doing so well on eBay he's thinking of turning the space into a restaurant and/or music venue.

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