Friday, August 19, 2011

Movida Aqui

Movida is an enormous enterprise, comprising four restaurants in all (although one, the Terrazza, is closed for the winter), and Movida Aqui takes up an imposing space on the first floor at 500 Bourke Street, close to the Supreme Court. The decor is nicely done, with quirky touches (clay lampshades, bright milk crates, wooden panels) and the food is spot on: beautifully presented and deftly arranged, with touches of humour, but best of all, delicious to the last mouthful. The waiter serving us was both enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The only thing that distinguishes Movida from one of those excellent little tapas bars in Granada, Madrid or Barcelona is the price: lunch for two, hardly in excessive quantities and shown in its entirety below, was $66. Double click on any of the photos of food below and then tell me you're not hungry.

Gamba Con Sobrasada $8.50 each
Smoked prawn with sobrasada cigarillo
Grilled prawn
Anchoa - white anchovies with toast
Bocadillo de calamares $6.50 each
Calamari sandwich with Basque guindilla and mayonnaise
Bomba $4.50 each
Catalan Potato bomb filled with chorizo
Sardina $4.50 each
Imported Spanish Artisan ‘Cuca’ sardine with tomato on toast
"Airbagette" roll filled with air and wrapped in jamon iberico

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