Friday, December 17, 2010

Opera House

It's almost with a sense of embarrassment at the obvious that I took today's pictures: there can't possibly be an original angle left. The steps of the Opera House were thronging with tourists, but it was less busy than it would have been on a bright sunny day; and the grey skies gave the building a slightly forbidding feel, so that even the Chinese couple having their wedding photos done had a rather forlorn air about them. Danish architect Jørn Utzon, following controversy over the design and escalating costs, left the project in 1966, long before its completion (in 1973, having cost $102m, 14 times its original budget). There are 1,056,006 Swedish tiles cladding the roof.


  1. My uncle built the box office, fact fans. Does gmail still work for you, by the way?

  2. Also:

  3. The box office! I say. Yes, it works.