Saturday, August 20, 2011

Queen Victoria Market II

I confess that I was distinctly unimpressed on my first visit to the Queen Victoria Market: having been told it was a wonderful place, I was disappointed to find Tat4Tourists instead. A little further exploration, however, and the scales have fallen from my eyes: inside one of the cavernous structures making up the market is a magical kingdom, an array of deli shops selling incredible food of all kinds: salami, arancini, white anchovies, macarons, mozzarella, fresh butter, yogurt, bread, honey, wine, olives, bacalhau, cheeses, antipasti, tea, pesto... There's a delightfully old-fashioned aesthetic to the design of each store and everything seems highly coloured, fresh and interesting. We came away with four plump, crisp salted caramel macarons (my favourite); a pot of mixed berry yogurt; the juiciest white anchovies; and an array of fruit and vegetables from the fruit market section.

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