Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lux Foundry

Lux Foundry sits beside the light railway line at 21 Hope Street, Brunswick. A formerly cavernous industrial space (the premises, built in 1891, of the Brunswick Gas and Coke Company, and later home to the manufacturer of Lux stoves, two handsome examples of which are still on site), it's been intelligently transformed into a café that mixes original features and vintage hardware with quirky modern touches and has a generous outside space. After greedily imbibing my vanilla milkshake (served in a steel cup reminiscent of a 1950s diner) I hardly had room for my scrambled egg with cavalo nero and grated asagio on sourdough; my companion's pork schnitzel with apple and celeriac coleslaw tasted as good as it looked. At lunchtime we sat outside in quixotic Melbourne weather rapidly changing from almost too sunny to Arctic breezes; many others had had the same idea and Lux clearly welcomes people of all ages plus dogs and babies.

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