Monday, October 6, 2014

The Merri Table

The Merri Table is at CERES, an environmental education organisation based on 4 acres of rehabilitated landfill in Brunswick. The cafe serves organic food based on low mileage principles and is housed inside a lovely, light and airy space in the main CERES group of buildings. There has been some imaginative use of wood and other recycled materials to create a relaxed and bright environment. There are some quirky touches: Heath Robinson style artwork that looks like a series of connected clocks but isn't; a section of the ceiling that curves like a hot air balloon; and greenery everywhere.

We ordered lunch on a quiet, slightly gloomy Monday. Staff were kind, but off-hand; although the smallest member of our party was boisterous, we never felt uncomfortable and there were plenty of kids around so it's certainly child-friendly. The food was hit and miss; although I enjoyed some beautiful juicy leg ham off the bone in a lovely soft roll with cheddar cheese, and M's kids' special toastie with ham and cheese contained the same ham and was served on delicious nutty rye bread, rather cutely served with popcorn on top, D's pho was underwhelming and seemed to lack sparkle - a bit like the service.

The plants in CERES' onsite nursery are always excellent and there are plenty of other features of CERES that make it worth a visit.

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