Saturday, September 10, 2011

A1 Lebanese Bakery

The A1 Lebanese Bakery is on a busy stretch of Sydney Road (kitchen, cheap tat and wedding shops jostling for attention). The decor is perfunctory: all the attention goes on the food which is plentiful, fresh and inexpensive. I had a spinach and cheese pie: a perfectly (ie lightly) baked mix of spinach and feta in a crisp pastry parcel, so good I had to eat some before I even took a photograph, as the evidence below reveals. I also had two pieces of my companion's A1 Special Pizza, which at first sight looked undercooked, but which was in fact perfectly done, fresh and packed with juicy peppers and olives. Finish that off with a ladyfinger baklava and you have a perfect brunch - all at the astonishing price of $12. A1 is deservedly popular and thronging with students, families and old folk alike; the constant stream of orders explains the freshness of the food which emanates from a busy kitchen at the back of the store.

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