Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Ran the Wrong Way

I Ran the Wrong Way is at 378 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills. The owner, Mel, is pictured below; she's part of a little community of like-minded shops in the area known as the "Cleveland Cluster". A "trader of good finds" it certainly is: the shop is packed with recycled and sustainable goods, from beautiful old steel spoon handles bent to make rings and totes made from recycled cement bags or 100% biodegradable jute by Bangladeshi craftswomen, to thoughtful little robots made from recycled wood (displayed in action on a shelf where one appears to be lying down, having had enough, while the others point). The door is guarded by a fierce little wooden dog wearing a jaunty hat for Christmas. A picture on the wall advises customers that "Frowners Never Win", and such is the atmosphere in this shop, the wonderful things on sale, and the warm welcome visitors receive, that it's impossible to imagine anyone frowning here.

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